Please Remember: If you are in the Ballroom – booths beginning with “B” - set up is Friday October 5 from 8:30 to 3 p.m.  Marshall Hall set up – booths beginning with “M” and all tables - have set up on Saturday October 6 from 8:30 to 11 a.m.  The buildings are locked each night and secure. No need for nightly tear down. Teardown will be Sunday after 5 p.m.

Tri- City Mega Con Vendors: 


Adam Lambert

Adam Tupper Art

Andrew Goodwin

Andrew Thomas

Ania Mrugacz

AOD Collectables

Becka Kinzie

Becky Dmitrienko

Big B Comics

C to C Productions

Carol Ann King

Carry on Comics


Christian Laforet

Civilian Screen Printing

Comics Cards and Toys

Comics Market

Costco Wholesale

Ctrl V

Darren Rawlings

David Mornan Comics

Dino Caruso

Flag Raiders Paintball

Geek Enthusiast

Geek Fusion

Glass Cabinet Creative

Go Fluff Yourself

Gr8 Collectables

Greg Hyland

Hall of Names

Heather Bruton

Heroes Initiative

Joe Arena

Julie Campbell

K Fun 98.5

Kame House

Katherine Olenic

Katlin  Murray

K Fun 98.5

Kitchener Comic Con

Kitties with Kapes

Lil Church Horror

Landerson Art

London Rock


Marvin Mariano

Mercedes Victoria

Metalhead Mafia

Mona’s Merch

Nomad Posters

Nomnivore Games Inc.

One Million Comix

Pic This Studio

Pin Up Arcade

Play with Clay

Pop Fiction

Pops & Collectibles

Princess Theatre

Puppet Razzi 

Randams Co

RC Comics

Retro Replay

Sheepdog Animation

Shelley’s Stoneworks

Skyfox Games

Studio Comix Press

Submariner Tales Collectables Plus Sweet Loots

The Record

Toben Raciot

Tyderium Toys

Tyderium Toys

Underworld S&D

Uniquely Debbie

Virgin Radio

Voxx Life

Waterloo Library

Wee Little Stitches

William Staikos

Woodstock Spiderman